Indivisible Chicago Leads to #EndCrosscheck

Since July, 2017 Indivisible Chicago has been working to get Illinois to leave the Crosscheck program. Most recently, Indivisible Chicago's advocacy and the discovery of Crosscheck's massive security failures were detailed by ProPublicaMother JonesThink Progress, and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Now we are learning that Crosscheck’s clumsy data sharing practices might be exposing millions of Illinois voters to an Equifax-style security breach.
— Illinois State Senator Bill Cunningham

Current Action

If you are an Illinois resident, send an email to the Board using the below script, to demand we end our voluntary participation in this highly partisan program used to disenfranchise voters. Email To: and cc:

“I am writing you today because I am concerned to learn that Illinois has been sharing my personal data in a program that shows no regard for security and personal data privacy protections. Emailing usernames and passwords to access sensitive data, using servers that lack basic encryption protocols, and subjecting our data to exposure via FOIA requests are each incredible displays of negligence by the SBE. It's shocking to see that the SBE has been so careless with my data, which includes the last four digits of my social security number.

I demand that the State Board of Elections put this issue on the next Board meeting agenda and to immediately end our participation in this program before the next data transfer in January.”

Letters asking Illinois to end crosscheck

State Legislators
letter co-signed by: will Guzzardi, carol ammons, kelly burke, linda chapa lavia, john d'amico, laura fine, mary e. flowers, robyn gabel, greg harris, elizabeth hernandez, jay hoffman, camille lilly, theresa mah, anna moeller, michelle mussman, carol sente, juliana stratton, arthur turner, and emanuel chris welch

public statements calling for an end to crosscheck