Indiana first participated in Crosscheck in 2014. Indiana, to our knowledge, is the only state that legislatively requires participation in Kansas' Crosscheck program (2013 SB0519), signed into law by none other than Governor Mike Pence.

Controversially, Indiana modified this statute in 2017 to allow election authorities to cancel voter registrations based solely on Crosscheck information without sending any cancellation notice. Indiana currently faces multiple lawsuits for what seems a clear violation of the NVRA which requires such notifications.


Vital Statistics

  • Joined: 2014
  • Not in ERIC
  • Voter Records sent in 2017: 4,836,312
  • In-State Voter Records in Result file: 516,700

Who to Contact

Because this is statute, call or write your legislator and contact the Secretary of State Connie Lawson to voice your concerns about Crosscheck and let them know that if they truly take voter roll maintenance seriously, they should instead join the ERIC program.

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Secretary of State Connie Lawson