FOIA Documents - Open Records Risk

Below you will find documents obtained by Indivisible Chicago as a result of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. By sharing voter registration information with Crosscheck and over two dozen states, participants are putting their voter information at risk of intentional or unintentional disclosure via open records requests.


Documents on this page include:

  • Email from Kansas to Florida containing nearly 1,000 Kansans' personal data
  • Map of Kansans whose personal data + SSN4 was obtained from Florida due to Crosscheck
  • Kansas has worried they could be sued for Crosscheck data, 100 million voter records
  • Florida worries that voter data distributed via Crosscheck may be at risk of open records requests
  • Kansas shares Florida's concerns
  • Florida hands over Kansans voter data via open records request, including SSN4

Email from Kansas to florida containing kansans' personal data

This is the email that led to Florida's press release that Crosscheck data had in fact been exposed and they will now purchase identity theft protection for nearly 1,000 Kansans.

FL-KS Email.png


Map: Kansans who had personal data + ssn4 exposed

This map shows Kansans whose data was sent to Florida through the Crosscheck program in 2013. Through an open records request, Florida handed over these citizens' voter registration information plus last four digits of their social security numbers. Go here to view full screen with the ability to show/hide the legislative district boundaries.

Kansas worried about a lawsuit

Kansas worried that someone might sue for all state's voter data in Jan/Feb when it is all in their possession.

Also, Kansas' Director of Elections doesn't know who runs the Crosscheck comparisons?

Florida has open records concerns

Florida continues to ask for clarification about the risk that voter data is exposed via open records requests. There is a reason Florida only participated in Crosscheck for one year: concerns about data privacy and they found the data was mostly garbage.

Kansas shares concerned that Crosscheck is susceptible to FOIA

Kansas doesn't know if the data in their program and shared with twenty-eight states puts voter records at risk of public disclosure... but they continue to take that risk.

Florida-Kansas Voter Data

The concerns were valid. We've obtained ~1000 Kansans' voter data including the last four digits of their social security numbers, via an open records request.

This demonstrates that other states can and have handed over other states' citizens' data, including the last four digits of social security number, through open records requests.

Kansas runs this program. If they can't protect their citizens' data from open records requests, they certainly can't protect ours.