Who are we?

We're a dedicated team of volunteers determined to see an end to the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck system. That's right, we're taking down a national voter suppression machine and data security nightmare in our spare time.

We formed after the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity's request for voter data from all fifty states. Our research into the Commission led us to Kris Kobach and Crosscheck. It quickly became clear that the Commission's plan was to repeat Kobach's recipe for cooking up propaganda about voter fraud: gather large volumes of data, perform intentionally poor analysis of the data, then intentionally mislead the public about your results. Then we found out about the program is rife with security holes.

We've started by fighting this in our home, Illinois. That battle continues; however, we now realize this has national implications. We've created this site, which we will continue to build upon, to publish our research to enable concerned citizens in other Crosscheck states to ramp-up quickly and apply pressure on your state to leave Crosscheck.

We're not in this alone. We've partnered with the ACLU of Illinois, Rainbow Push, and activists in Kansas who are working on bringing down Crosscheck from within. Together, we will win.

To keep up with the latest, follow: @IndivisibleChi.

Other awesome Twitter handles to follow in this fight: @LeaveCrosscheck, @gotravelgear, @AriBerman, @JessicaHuseman@DellCam, @Kira_Lerner, @RickHasen